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SendSpend Wages

Pay your casual and un-banked staff easily and

SendSpend is a global payments system designed primarily for people without a bank account, enabling them to make electronic payments for products and services or remit funds to friends and family, all directly from their smartphone.

SendSpend understands that you have unique challenges as an employer when it comes to paying your unbanked employees and casual labour. With this in mind, SendSpend has created a product, especially for you.


SendSpend WagePay


How does it work?

  • You provide SendSpend with an Excel file (or agreed file format) containing the following information:

    • Name, cell number, amount and payment date for each employee/casual labourer you wish to pay.

  • You send SendSpend an EFT for the total amount that needs to be paid

  • The employee receives an SMS prompting them to download the SendSpend app and register with SendSpend for an e-Wallet.

    • If you have more than 30 employees/casual labourers to pay, a SendSpend agent will come to your premises to assist in signing them up.

  • SendSpend will action the payment to the e-Wallet for each person on your behalf.

  • The employee/casual labourer can then cash-out their salary at any of our many SendSpend agents, purchase prepaid data/electricity from within the app or pay for goods electronically, including retail chain stores, spaza shops and even online.


Benefits to the Employer

  • Convenient, cheap and easy to use!

  • You no longer need to have cash on-site to pay casual and unbanked workers.

  • More cost-effective than bank payments or cash!

  • You receive a digital record of all employees and casual labourers who have accepted the payment into their SendSpend wallet, giving you peace of mind that the full payment has been received.

  • There is no need to create beneficiaries every time a new employee joins – just provide their details to SendSpend with the next payment schedule.

  • No cash!

  • SendSpend will take care of all FICA requirements.

  • SendSpend is an authorized financial services provider FSP 50673.

Benefits to your employee/casual labourer

  • No cash – employee does not need to carry cash

  • The receipt of the money into their wallet is IMMEDIATE, and no amount is too small or too large.

  • SendSpend’s easy to use App and growing agent network allow for secure cash-out and electronic payments to merchants

  • Employees will be able to perform domestic remittances for free and pay electronically for airtime, electricity, data and other online goods and services from the convenience of their smartphones.

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