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Recruiting SendSpend Self Employed Cash In/ Cash Out Agents


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Individuals / Spaza Stores / Market Trader / Sole Proprietor

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Become a SendSpend Self-employed Cash In – Cash Out Agent.

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Corporate Customers

Become a SendSpend Cash In – Cash Out Agent.


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What Do I need?

  • Android Smart Phone or Tablet and an Internet Connection (cellular, wi-fi, satellite).

  • Sign Up is quick and easy. Download the App.

  • If you don’t have a bank account it’s OK - Just link yourself to a SendSpend Master Agent.

  • Master Agents - link unlimited Sub-Agents to a Master Agent – for Spaza shop owners who have more than 1 Spaza Shop or Outlet.

How do I Benefit?

  • Generate More Income.

  • Set Your Own Fees - Charge up to 10% for cash deposits and withdrawals.

  • Guaranteed Monthly Income for Agents in High Density/Volume Areas.

  • Get More Customers - Attract people to your store by offering the service.

  • Reduce Cash in your store.

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Which Customers can use SendSpend?

South African Citizens and Foreigners can use SendSpend. SendSpend is an independent payment system and is not reliant on any Mobile Operator! All you need is WIFI or any cell phone network. Even people who are not registered with SendSpend can collect money sent to them.

Unique Features

Customer App has Search Function and Map Display – So Customers can easily find you.

Secure Transaction Process – You are presented a digital photo ID of the customer for verification.

Be a mobile agent as well – you can offer a home/office withdrawal or deposit service and earn additional money.


Be Part of a Growing International Community and Service.

Customers can deposit or withdraw funds from any SendSpend Agent – No matter where they are in the world.


Email us at if you have any questions or simply Download the SendSpend APP from Google Play Store to get started!

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