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Accept Online Payments 

Online Merchant, Getting Started!!

What you will need to do

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  1. Have your own e-commerce website or app set up and running.

  2. For Individuals/Sole Proprietors, Sign Up using the App and request the Payment Gateway API or Plug-In at

  3. For Companies, trusts and other incorporated entities, Complete the online registration form at and accept the SendSpend Terms and Conditions.

  4. Provide us with any information about you that we may request.

Next steps

Once we have your details, we will set you up with an account and notify you.

After this, we’ll send you our simple API to integrate with your online checkout...

Going live!

As soon as you have completed the integration and everything is working fine, we’ll make you live.
You can start accepting payments...

A quick and easy process

From start to take your first payment - No longer than 2 weeks.
Providing there are no problems, it should take us 48 hours to process...

 Where can I go to get the forms to join SendSpend as a merchant?

Call or email to get the payment plug-in for your shop.

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