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How SendSpend can Benefit your business

Download SendSpend on your phone

(Only available for Android Phone)

Corporate Agent
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What Do I need?

  • An existing Point of Sale (POS) system used by your stores

  • Internet connection into your stores

  • Suitable for retailers and traders with multiple store locations

  • Sign up is quick and easy – Simple T&C’s and easy to integrate API

  • Connect all your stores using one simple Agent API

How do I Benefit?

  • Be part of a growing national and international network of SendSpend Agents

  • Earn commission on deposits and withdrawals

  • Set your own fees

  • Improve security by reducing cash in your store

  • Attract customers to your store by offering SendSpend’s services

Who can use SendSpend?

  • Anyone! – SendSpend is an Independent Payment System and is not reliant on any Mobile Operators! 

  • Customers who use Vodacom, MTN, CellC, Telkom, Virgin, and all other networks! Even if they are using Wi-Fi! 

  • South African Citizens and Foreigners

  • Even people who are not registered with SendSpend can collect money sent to them by someone who is!

Unique Features

  • Customer App has Search Function and Map Display – So Customers can easily find you

  • Secure Transaction Process – You are presented a digital photo ID of the customer for verification

  • Each transaction is authorised by both parties using a secure PIN. This avoids disputes!

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