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Customer App

No Bank Account Needed

Download the App and Get Started Immediately

(Only available for Android Phone)

Customer App
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Easy to Use!


  • Download the SendSpend App from Google Play Store and register in minutes.

  • All you need is your phone number and ID number.

  • No Set Up Fee. The APP is FREE and simple to install.

  • No Monthly Account Fees – Zero Fees.

  • No Minimum Balances – Your account can have a zero balance.

  • No Minimum Transaction Value – spend 1cent if you wish.

  • No need to be connected to your cell phone network.

  • SendSpend also works over wi-fi and satellite connection.

Whom can I Pay and What can I buy?

  • SendSpend works with your own cell phone and also works over wifi and satellite connections.

  • Pay friends and family.

  • Pay Online at selected online shops or websites – Look for the SendSpend Logo.

  • Pay in Store at check-out counters – Look for the SendSpend Logo.

  • Pay Bills i.e. DSTV.

  • Pay for your Taxi.

  • Buy Bus Tickets – Avoid Queues and Get Your Ticket Early.

  • Buy Electricity, Data & Airtime.

  • Buy Gift Cards.

  • Buy products for other SendSpend users and gift them immediately. They will be delivered instantly to their App.

Who Can I Send Money to or Request money from?

Any Network 

SendSpend is a new payment system that is not operated by cellphone networks. You can send money to anyone no matter which cellphone network you use or they use! For example, if you use Vodacom you can send money to someone who uses MTN, Cell C or Telkom.

Request Money or Payment

You can request money from:


  • Any-one using SendSpend - Customers, Friends, Family or Loved Ones. The instant they accept, you will have the money immediately!


  • Send Money or Payment – You can send money to:

  • Any-one using SendSpend - Customers, Friends, Family or Loved Ones. They will receive the money in their SendSpend Wallet immediately after you have sent it.

  • People who don't use SendSpend - Customers, Friends, Family or Loved Ones. They will need to go to an agent to collect the money. Easy to find Agents to deposit or withdraw cash. Just search using the App!

Collect money from any SendSpend Agent.
You can also schedule an appointment to collect or send money.
Never be disappointed again by Agents who don’t have enough cash for you.

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What are the Costs?

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What will it cost me to have a SendSpend e-Wallet?

  • No Set-Up Fees

  • No Monthly Charges

What will it cost me to deposit or withdraw cash?

  • Low Deposit/Withdrawal Fees – Agents charge a small fee between 1% and 10% of the amount. The App will show you how much they will charge so you can decide whom to use!

  • Free Agents - Free Deposits and Withdrawals at selected Agents – Search using the App!

What will it cost me to buy things and pay using the SendSpend APP instead of cash? 

  • Zero! Payments are free! No Charges when you use SendSpend to pay for things!

What will it cost me to Send Money to someone in South Africa?

  • Zero! Sending money to a friend, family member or loved one is FREE!

What will it cost if I use SendSpend for my business?

  • Sole Traders who use SendSpend for their business pay a 2.5% transaction fee on all payments received from SendSpend Customers.

Download SendSpend Customer App on your Android Phone and start earning money!!


SendSpend is an Authorised Financial Service Provider FSP No. 50673 and a certified Payment System Operator. SendSpend Agent Terms and Conditions apply and can be viewed on or on the SendSpend App when registering to become a SendSpend Agent.

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