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Customer Complaint Submission Process

1. Confidentiality


The personal information of the complainant and any persons who are the subject of a complaint shall be kept confidential and only used for the purposes of addressing the complaint and feedback actions.


2. No charge


Complaints are received and handled at no change.



3. How and where to submit a complaint


By email:

On our website:



4. Expected time frame for response


  • Complaints will be acknowledged with 24 hours;

  • A reference number and Complaints handling officer will be allocated;

  • Routine or non-complex complaints will be resolved promptly, but not exceeding 3 weeks;

  • More complex complaints will be planned and investigated within 30 days of receipt;

  • Response to complex complaints will be made within 6 weeks from date of receipt of the complaint.

  • Regular feedback will be provided to the Complainant until the complaint is resolved.



5.Complainant's obligation


Once our complaints handling department has handled and resolved your complaint, we request that you kindly reply with acknowledgement of your agreement.



6. Escalation and review process


Should you not be satisfied with the outcome of your complaint, or should you not be satisfied with the way in which your complaint was handled, you may escalate the complaint to Management.



7. Rejection of complaint


Should your complaint be rejected by us, our complaints handling officer will provide you with a clear decision and a thorough explanation of the reasons for the rejection and any further remedies available to you.


8. Upholding of complaint


In the event where your complaint is upheld and where we have committed to a compensation payment, we will ensure that such payment be settled within 10 working days from the date that we have informed you of the outcome of the complaint, in your favour.


9. Rules on Proceeding of the Office of the FAIS Ombud


Should we not resolve your complaint, or should you not be satisfied with the outcome, after it has been escalated, you may refer your complaint to the office of the FAIS Ombud. The Fais Ombud requires that the complaint be lodged within 6 months of receiving a final response from us. It is especially important to contact the office of the Fais Ombud as soon as possible to ascertain their requirements. For your convenience, the details of the Fais Ombud are provided below.



Physical Address: Kasteel Park Office Park, Orange Building, 2nd Floor, Cnr Nossob & Jochemus Street, Erasmus Kloof, Pretoria

Postal Address: PO Box 74571, Lynwood Ridge, 0040

Email address:


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